The Systempack family of case packers is divided into two types: Wrap-Around and American Box Case Packer.

Wrap-Around case packers are able to pack products inside boxes or trays formed by a side load insertion starting from the stretched carton. On the other hand, the American Box case packers differ because they use preformed carton and the product is packaged with a top load inside the boxes.

This product consists of five main stations: the product feed, the carton storage, the loading area of the product in the carton and the area for closing the carton by hot melt or adhesive tape.

With the goal of achieving high targets for speed and packaging quality, both types of machines are proposed with the main movements driven (cartons sheeter, product insertion and carton feed) by brushless servo motors.

The machines are completely customizable following the customer’s specific requirements depending on the product to be treated.

Tech Specs

Machine dimensions
4100mm x 2000mm H.2100mm
Machine performance
30 boxes/minute, depending on the format to be treated
Finished box size
width 600mm - length 500mm - height 300mm

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