The Systempack wrapping machines allow to obtain the packaging of chocolate eggs by working with reels with centered printing through electric photocell.

The final taping of the wrapped egg is carried out by means of adhesive tape and guarantees an excellent seal of the wrapping around the product.

The excellent quality of final wrapping makes the manual adjustment phase a quick and easy intervention for line operators.

This type of machine is also proposed with the automatic loading of products.

An anthropomorphic robot takes care of the collection of eggs from trays and inserts them inside the machine ready to start their packaging cycle.

With this system benefits in terms of speed and final wrapping quality.

The machines are completely customizable following the customer’s specific requirements depending on the product to be treated.

Tech Specs

Management of multiple formats on the same machine with dimensions to be evaluated according to the specific needs of the customer
Nominal production machine
16-17 eggs/minute
Paper width
max 1000mm
Machine dimensions
2800mm x 4200mm H.2100mm

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