Systempack breadsticks feeding and counting system, allows to automatically manage the loading of the products on “Flowpack” type packaging machines, guaranteeing in time constancy and precision in the loading of the products.

The system provides the manual loading of the product inside a feed hopper, which through special vibrating channels will feed and dose the product on belts that orient and transport the breadsticks to the load hoppers. During transport on the feeding belts, a waste system is provided for scrap and broken breadsticks.
The picking from loading hoppers takes place through conveyor belts, motorized by brushless servo motors, equipped with special dowels to transport the breadstick singularly. The products will be detected by a counting photocell and deposited in the unloading hopper, once the amount of breadsticks set by the control panel is reached, the hopper will be opened to deposit the portion of products on the chain of the packaging machine below.

Electromechanical components
Depending on the customer’s requirements

*The machine is completely customized following the customer’s specifications.

Tech Specs

Breadstick length:
min.70 mm – max 300mm
Counting groups:
from 1 to 8
n°10/20 cycles, depending on the size and number of products required. (single counting group)

Product Video

Systempack - Automatic breadsticks loader

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